Carer Personal Health Budgets (PHB)

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Guidance notes;

1) To provide an equitable service to all practices within Surrey ICSs, each practice will be allocated funding based on practice population within ICS areas. Notice of annual indicative allocations will be circulated at the beginning of each financial year following advisement from Primary Care leads. Sunbury Health Centre has received an allocation of 38 for the finacial year 2024-2025.

2) Funding will be held by SILC.

3) One allocation per household up to a maximum of £300 can be paid for any caring scenario. This is a one off payment which is at discretion of the GP Practice. Carers will be required to produce receipts as part of the auditing process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who within practices can refer carers for a PHB?

Referrals must be through a GP. GPs can delegate this to the named Carers Lead within their practice. For assurance purposes, GPs will need to advise of any delegations made to SILC.

Can a carer request a Carers PHB?

Yes, a carer can request a PHB, but our practice is to encourage carers to discuss with their GP how caring is affecting their health and wellbeing. There may be other more appropriate support and/or services available. Allocation of a Carers PHB is a clinical decision made by the GP.

Can a carer have multiple GP Carer PHBs?

Carers/households who have already received a GP Carer PHB (before 1st April) should only be referred again at the discretion of the carer’s clinician. This does not apply to young carers. Carers with ongoing support needs should be referred for a Carer’s Assessment.

How can carers use their PHB?

PHBs are there to help provide a break from caring in the wider sense, but must adhere to requirements of direct payments. This will be managed through discussion between SILC and the carer following referral.

Published on 26 April 2024