Are you a carer? Information and steps to take

Are you a carer?

A carer is anyone who cares (unpaid) for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, mental health problems or an addiction – cannot cope without your support.

As a carer, you must also ensure you are able to look after yourself, so that you can look after your loved one.


Carers: 3 important steps for you take right now


1. Make sure the GP practice is aware that you are a carer

Complete our Register a Carer form (either download the below, or pick up a copy from reception) to ensure your doctor is aware of the extra support you provide to others.

We may ask you to keep your details up to date on a regular basis – pick up a form each time to update your contact details, to tell us if your carer status changes, or if the condition of the person you care for changes.


2. Tell us what support you need

We cannot guess at what might help you, but we can connect you with Action for Carers Surrey who can provide free independent information, advice and support to carers of all ages across Surrey.

We can refer you for the following services:

  • Carers Information Pack
  • Carers Support
  • Young Carers Support
  • Personal Health Budget (requires approval from your GP)

When completing the Register a Carer form, select the box ‘Would you like to be referred to Action for Carers’ to select your support needs.


3. Take time to find out what help is available

There are numerous support groups and charities who can provide you with help, advice and support – which can help you to help others; Support for Carers


Register a Carer Form

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Published on 21 March 2024