Check a referral

If you have been referred for further treatment or tests, you can check on the referral online or contact the surgery.

Check a referral using the NHS app or website

The NHS app is a quick way to access NHS services. Using the NHS app means you do not need to enter your personal details each time you contact the surgery. You can read more about the app on the NHS website.

Once a referral has been made by your GP Practice, the responsibility for your onward appointment and further treatment is transferred to the NHS referral service, and subsequently the hospital / specialist team you will receive your treatment from.  Your GP team are not able to book or chase these appointments for you.

You will need the NHS app or your NHS account login details.

Contact the referral support services by phone

Contact the Referral Support Services on the number below to check on your referral:

0300 561 1222

Find out more about referrals

For more information, read NHS advice about referrals for specialist care.