Training Practice

We are a training practice

Sunbury Health Centre Group Practice believes that involvement in the education and training of future GPs will be beneficial for the practice as a whole.

Their presence will enhance and improve the service we can offer to our patients.

This practice has been accredited to train doctors intending to become general practitioners.

Teaching Practice

We are a teaching practice, approved by the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Deanery. We have fully qualified doctors working under supervision to prepare them for a career in general practice. The doctors, may be here for a year or more, or they may be here for a four-month period and known as a GP registrar or a ST2/ST3 Doctor.
Dr Gill and Dr Jopling are trainers for ST2/ST3 Registrars

As part of their training these doctors need to keep a video diary of some consultations so that they can go through them with their tutors. Participation is optional and patients will always be asked for consent. This is a very valuable tool for new doctors wanting to improve their consulting techniques.

For those patients who have consented previously we would thank you for your help towards improving the next generation of doctors.

Medical Students

Our practice is also a “community teaching practice” for St George’s University Medical School. This means that you may be asked by your doctor or nurse if a medical student can participate in your consultation. You will be asked in advance for your permission for this to happen.

This is one way that medical students learn to become good clinicians and understand patient views about their care. We appreciate your help with their learning.

Please let the doctor or practice manager know if you have any questions about our community medical teaching.