Pharmacy First Service

Click here to view the NHS Pharmacy First video

Patients with seven common conditions can now obtain treatment at local Pharmacies through Pharmacy First which is a new service provided by NHS England. Consultations are confidential and held in a private pharmacy room. As well as over-the-counter medicines, pharmacists will be able to prescribe certain medicines. A secure copy of your consultation and prescribed medication is sent electronically to your GP and you will be able to view your health record on your NHS App.

Earache - 1 to 17 years [Online pharmacies are also participating although they cannot complete consultations for Earache]

Impetigo - 1 year and over

Infected insect bites - 1 year and over

Shingles - 18 years and over

Sinusitis - 12 years and over

Sore throat - 5 years and over

Uncomplicated urinary tract infections - Women 16 – 64 years

You will be able to access the service by walking into the pharmacy directly (self-referral), or where appropriate, by contacting them by video consultation.

Finding a Pharmacy First community pharmacy

As this is an advanced service, Pharmacies have the option to offer the Pharmacy First service. In our area of Surrey, over 90% of pharmacies are providing it, so please check with your local pharmacy.

Published on 18 March 2024