2023 PPG Patient Survey Report - March Sunbury Matters Article

The Patient Survey conducted by the Patient Participation Group (PPG) last year, has now been published.

The survey report, PPG analysis, observations and recommendations have been reviewed by the Partners and Practice Management Team and discussed with the PPG Core Group. These discussions will determine priorities that the Practice and PPG Core Group will seek to address moving forward.

One of the main concerns raised by patients was regarding the limited time slot available each day when requesting an appointment using the on-line system. The reason that the time slot was set at 8am - 11am was to ensure patient safety by allowing all requests coming in to be triaged efficiently.

The Practice has installed a new on-line system since the survey took place, and now that the new system is bedded in, the on-line booking slot has been extended to run from 8am - 1pm. This will be a welcome development for many patients.

With over 6,000 appointment requests coming into the Practice each month, the triage system is essential in ensuring that patients see the appropriate practitioner for their needs. The survey shows that 80% of patients felt they had been directed to the right person. The role of a ‘Receptionist’ is long gone and the modern triage team undergo significant and complex training to support them in allocating patients appropriately and a GP is always on hand to provide guidance when required.

Please take the opportunity to look at the PPG Survey Report, which although very detailed, does have an overview of strengths and recommendations near the beginning. We will be exploring more of the recommendations in our articles over the coming months.


Published on 1 March 2024